Top Four Amazing Web Sites Ever existed.

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A website is a collection of related network resources, such as web pages, multimedia content, which are typically identified with a common domain name, and published on at least one web server.  In simple language, a Website is a place or location where a huge collection of meaningful data is stored.

In the present world, We can see millions of websites on the internet which provide very useful resources and data. Among millions and millions of websites, only a few sites are able to attract the user needs among which Facebook, youtube, Instagram, etc falls. This website has created its own fan base in the market. These sites are like evergreen sites. In these sites, we can see millions of people exchanging their ideas, concepts on a daily basis. This site falls under social sites where people can talk with friends, share their information.

Today I have a collection of four amazing sites which will really help you to increase your knowledge and know new things. These sites are not so popular but these sites are full of knowledge and ideas. Below are the top four amazing sites.

1.Algorithmia– On the list of amazing websites Algorithmia is one of the competitor. Though From the name, it is not clear what the site does but these amazing sites have a unique ability to convert any ‘Black and White’ photo into a colorful photo. You might be how is this possible but it is damn true this site converts any kind of old black and white into colorful photos. With the help of this site, you can really convert your grandparent’s old photos into colorful photos and impress them.

2.Halucination– From the name of the site you might be clear what this site does but let me tell a small summary of this website. This site has a special ability to Hallucinate your mind. It can easily puzzle your mind with its tricky animation. In first you mightn’t believe but when you will use this site yourself you will be really shocked by the result.

3.You’re getting old– This astonishing site is one of my favorite sites among the list. This site gives detailed information about your age. When you provide your birthdate to this site it will show all the information about your age Like how may days you have live, from which century you belong, How many times your heart has beat and many other interesting things.

4.Revolving Google-This site is also called the brother of Google. This site performs the same job as google does but the only difference is that this site has a funny user interface than the normal Google. When you visit this site everything starts moving and falling. Even the searched results start moving. Though, This site has a funny interface it gives the same result as Google.

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