10 Important SEO Tips and Tricks for beginners-2019

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SEO(Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important factors that determine the rank of your website in the search results. If your website is properly optimized then, your website’s posts, pages, and business will rank on No.1 place of the search results. The search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Duck Duck Go, etc have more than 100-200 factors which will decide whether your post/website’s content is relevant or good enough to show in the first place of the results.

Seo Tips and Tricks

Thus, if you are creating a website then you should think of optimizing the SEO from day one to rank higher. SEO has a huge impact on your audience outreach, earnings, and advertisement for your business. The business will flourish than never before if your website SEO is good. In this article, I am going to discuss the 10 most important SEO tips and tricks for your website. If you follow these tips properly, then I can assure you that your website content will rank higher than ever before.So,here are the things that you should do to improve the website SEO :-

1.Improve your Site Speed

According to the Survey, it was found that 80% of the users exit the website if the website takes  more than 2-3 seconds to load. When more users exit the website, bounce rate increases and SEO score drastically falls. This affects badly in your earnings and business. When speed of the website is fast, there is likely a chance of visitors returning to your website. The search engines then keep tracks of it and rank your website on the top of results.

How to increase website speed?

Wells, there are several ways to increase your website speed. First, make sure that you have chosen the best hosting package which is fast. In the hosting service is not the problem then, use plugins such as W3 Total Cache, Autoptimize and so on.

W3 total cache

W3 total cache is one of the best free plugins which enables cache browsing, compress Javascript and CSS code which minimize the size of the website. Similarly, enable GZIP compression automatically which boost your website speed. The optimal size of your website when loading should be 200Kb – 1Mb. As a result, the website will load in 1-2 seconds.

2.Create Internal And External Links to your website

internal and external links

Linking posts or websites plays an important role in improving the SEO of the post and websites. When more internal and external links are coming to your website, search engines will assume the posts have enough information and rank the post higher. You can link the contents by two different ways:-

Internal Link:-

It is the way of combining or interconnecting the pages or posts within your website. You can better present the content and provide more information about the subject matter by doing internal linking.

External Link:-

When you create a connection between one of the pages or posts of your website with another page or post of different websites, the link set up is called External Link. It is also categorized into two types:- Inbound link{Links coming to your website} and Outbound Link{Linking Going Out of Your Website}.

3.Research and Choose the appropriate keyword

Choosing the right keywords plays a huge role in rank your website in search results. Keywords are the words or phrases which tell google what your content is about. When the users type that specific keyword, search engines figure out and display your content.

Use Keywords Everywhere tool to know the monthly search of the specific keywords and it’s competition rate.

search result in google

However, the problem arises when the keyword that your user has very high competition. For example- when I searched the keyword ‘Phone’ on google. It has about 1,220,000 searches per month. But, the competition rate is way higher. Thus, it’s difficult to rank when your website is new. In that case, use long tails keywords. Instead of using a keyword named ‘phone’ use ‘phone that is cheaper and better’.Even though you will get less traffic but it’s mandatory for building the SEO of the website in the long term. 

Where and how to place the keywords?

When you are using Yoast SEO plugin on the WordPress, enter your keywords in the focus keyphrase. Furthermore, create tittle, meta description and URL using the same keyword.

4.Optimize your images

optimize images

The optimization of images on your website has several advantages. When the images are optimized, it will save up unnecessary spaces of the server and similarly, the website will load faster. In addition to saving spaces, the posts will also appear on the image section of search results.

5.Make your contents free of Grammatical Errors

Grammatical Errors are one of the common reason for dropping down of SEO Score of the website. I strongly suggest you use Grammarly extension which automatically detects the grammatical errors in your posts. Moreover, the premium version provides you a word-choice and plagiarism check feature. These features make sure that the content is original and does not match the content of another website.

6.Setup AMP pages

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is the recently launched framework of google. The AMP is meant to deliver the content faster, better in mobile devices. Thus, when you create an AMP version of your website, the posts will rank higher on mobile devices than that of other platforms.

If your website is about news publishing, the informative site then I highly recommend it. For instance, AMP pages help you to gain traffic.

7.Analyze your website in GT Metrix

analyze your website speed

GtMetrix is one of the best free tools which analyzes your website speed, performance and many more. It provides the speed score and data which helps you to improve your website performance. Based on YSlow results in GTmetrix, you can make changes to your website.

8.Provide Enough Meta and ALT description

After the recent changes in SEO, it is believed that the optimal meta description of your post should be about 150 characters. The meta description summarizes the page content and provides an idea to search engines what the post is about. Create a meta description, which includes your keywords, Title and description of the content.

9.Remove Toxic Backlinks from your website

Toxic Backlinks hampers your SEO score than any other thing. Toxic backlinks are those links which are coming from pop-up ads websites, blacklisted and untrustworthy website.

Use Semrush-‘SEOTool’ which scans all the backlinks coming to your websites. It assigns the toxic level and the links of the website. After that, you can use Google Search Console to disavow the links coming to your website.

10.Monitor the Audience using Google Analytics

google analytics

Google Analytics is a web analysis service that tracks the visitors coming to your website. It also keeps reports of their behavior i.e. time they stayed on your website, bounce rate and so on. You can also get demographical reports of visitors coming into your website. This is the tool that you should have to understand the audience and improve the SEO of the website.

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