Contact form 7 emails going to spam:Fix this by following this simple step

spam folder

Problem Description(Contact form 7 emails going to spam)

This particular problem in WordPress is most common that all the users face while sending or receiving e-mails. When emails are sent/received in WordPress, emails are sent to the spam folder instead of inbox in the Gmail account. Email generated from WordPress plugins like Contact form 7, Newspaper ends up in the spam or junk folder of Gmail.

Reason for this problem:-

spam folder

The above picture illustrates the main reason for arising this problem. You are not the only one facing this issue. It’s quite common for all the shared server’s emails. To begin with, as you know server runs the different hosting packages and WordPress is installed in the hosting. Whenever you try to send the emails using email generator plugins such as Contact forms 7, Newsletter; the server gets blacklisted.

The ISPs such as Google, Yahoo blacklists most of the hosting server to stop the hack and spam emails. Moreover, this problem also arises when the email sent is not using a particular IP(Internet Protocols). Whenever you sent an email the client computer SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) and the receiving Client computer uses POP(Post Office Protocol).In general, the emails not following these protocols are also regarded as spam emails and sent to the junk folder. 

Ways to Fix it:-

When the hosting server fails to send and receive the emails properly, you can use other emails delivery service applications such as Amazon, Gmail, Sendgrid, etc. I ‘ve faced this problem too and I fixed it using Sendgrid.

contact form 7 emails going to spam


Sendgrid is an email delivery platform for transmitting emails. You can trust this platform and service provided for sending and receive emails. Moreover, the best thing is that you can use their server for free as well as paid plan. In this case, the free plan will be able to fix this issue

At first, Sign up to create an account. If you wish to use paid plan for extended feature, then you can do so. But, I recommend you to sign up for free plans.


2.After being logged in create an API key and grant full access to the mail sent, stats.

3. After creating an API key, copy the key which is then to be used

4. Install Easy WP SMTP plugin in your WordPress to enter credentials needed for sending mails.

5. Enter the following details:-

From Email Address: Your Sendgrid email account.
From Name: Name of Website
Types of encryption: SSL/TLS
SMTP Port:465
SMTP authentication: No
SMTP Username: Username to the mail server
SMTP Password: Paste the copied key code

 Now you are using  Sendgrid online email delivery service to send emails. By doing this you will be able to send or receive emails without ending up to junk or spam folder.

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