PUBG banned in India including 118 other apps.How to play afterwards?

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How to play online games in the blocked network(region)?


After the recent clash of Indian troops with Chinese in ladakh,India has decided to ban the most popular online game PUBG including 118 apps. Unlike offline games, online games can be banned by ISP(Internet Service Providers) due to some legal penalties on the concerned game. However, it’s a frustrating experience for those who have used real money on the game. Mainly, the players playing the game are of two types: one is those who play for free and get the enjoyment of the game whereas the second one is those who want to unlock every feature of the games using game money(Coins, UC, etc). But it should be clear that online games are not playable when it is banned by ISPs of the whole world. For example- Bluewhale was the game that was banned from the whole internet because it was suicidal games and was the pretty best decision to ban the game. 

 So, here are legit ways to play any online game if it is banned by some ISPs in the region. These methods are completely safe and a lot of users do it to play the game without any restrictions.


VPN(Virtual Private Network) is a virtual network in which the devices can remotely connect to virtual servers hiding your online activities. When you are connected to the VPN, your ISP or device connected server IP(Internet Protocol) Address is replaced by the IP address of the VPN servers. The best thing about using a VPN is that you can access blocked websites or games remotely as if it is unblocked. There are many Paid as well as free VPN applications out there. If you are into paid VPN servers, then ExpressVPN, Hotspot Shield is the best option. However, If you want to use services for free then VPN like turbo VPN, Touch VPN is the best option.

If you are playing games on PCs and want to use a free VPN, then I suggest you use either Touch VPN or VPN gate. Both work great and you have options to chose various servers location where the game is not restricted. Take your time and choose the best and appropriate server location. Furthermore, you can download Touch VPN from the store if you’re running windows on your computer.

vpn for bypassing the restriction
vpn gate

Using DNS

By changing DNS on your Wi-Fi or internet connection setting might help out to play the game without restrictions.DNS(Domain Name System) is a naming system for a computer system connected to the internet. These names pin to the IP address connected to the server. There are plenty of reasons to change DNS. By changing DNS, your internet becomes fast in some cases, better privacy and you can unblock websites and games). So, here is the list of DNS servers of all round the world.

Verisign: Primary server: Secondary server:
Google: Primary server:
Secondary server:
Alternate DNS: Primary server: Secondary server:
Quad9: Primary server: Secondary server:
OpenDNS: Primary server: Secondary server:
CleanBrowsing: Primary server: Secondary server:
Cloudflare: Primary server: Secondary server: 1.0.0.i

You want to change your DNS in your phone,then you ‘ll need to do it manually. Hover over to Phone’s settings>Wifi>Long press the conncted wifi>Modify Network>Chnage  IP settings to Statiscs>Enter DNS Nameservers

modifying dns address

For PCs, you can change DNS settings by click on Control Panel>Network and Internet>Network & Sharing Center>Connections>Properties>Internet Connection Version 6(TCP/IPv6).

dns modifying in pc

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