How to install WordPress on Windows PC using MAMP

wordpress on mamp

WordPress is a free platform to create websites without knowledge of coding. It consists of many elements such as plugins, themes, widgets, templates,etc. It is based on PHP and MYSQL and most of the websites are created using WordPress.It uses a drag and drops  feature which assists startup developers. WordPress is further classified into two types; and is a website platform that is installed directly into the hosting package. On the other hand, can be downloaded and installed on the computer which is more reliable.

Introduction to MAMP

Like WordPress, it is also free and open-source software that provides the necessary environment to  run websites on Windows or macOS. Using MAMP, you can test the website and modify it before making it live.In free version of MAMP, you shall run a local web site which includes Apache server & My SQL server. You can install programs like WordPress and drupal for set-upping local web development environment.

So, let’s install WordPress in windows using MAMP.

Download MAMP Server from official website

XAMP & XAMP PRO are available to download in the windows version. XAMP is free to use whereas you need to buy XAMP PRO. However, XAMP is sufficiently enough to do our task. You can run Apache and MY SQL server in XAMP too.

Don’t get confused because both MAMP and MAMP PRO is downloaded. In order to use MAMP pro you need to get registered. When you are done downloading; install it into the computer. Click on start servers.

installing MAMP
MAMP with running Apache & MY SQL Servers

Downloading and Extracting WordPress Files in MAMP

As mentioned earlier, MAMP runs, you will need to download the latest version of from official website which is then installed in the computer.

  1. The file you have downloaded is a .zip file that is then to be extracted into the C:\MAMP\htdocs location or the directory in which XAMP is installed into your computer say(Local disk:D,E,F).

    The WordPress file can be installed into the .htdocs of XAMP by following mentioned steps:-

    Open WordPress Zip file using Winrar
    On the top left side, you will see Extract to option from which you can extract files into the desired location i.e htdocs.
    To do this click on Extract to>This pc>OS:C\>MAMP>htdoc and then click OK.

Installing wordpress on MAMP
Extracting WordPress files in htdocs of MAMP

Congrats, your WordPress file is now ready to begin the installation process.

Installing WordPress in MAMP

After following the above procedure, click on the Open WebStart page of MAMP which then directs into the webpage of browser like this. To connect into the SQL server, you ‘ll require information such as  Host, Port, User, and Password. The directed web page provides all this necessary information. Note it down.

MAMP homepage

In case of mine, the connection parameters are:-



Creating Database in MY SQL Server

Now, type localhost/MAMP/PHPMyAdmin and hit Enter. Before installing WordPress, you need to install the database in which WordPress is to be installed. After typing this, you will be logged into the phpMyAdmin page in which you can create a database.

SQL server
Creating Database named 'Wordpress' or as your choice

Installing WordPress in database

Now, you are almost done.This time type the command named http://localhost/wordpress.You will be directed to the page like this:

Note:The command is not localhost/mamp/wordpress but instead localhost/wordpress

WordPress installation

Click on continue and make sure you have remembered all the required information as talked earlier. In the case of mine:-

Database namewordpress

how to create a website free of cost

After filling all the details, click on submit and then you can begin the installation process. You are requested to double-check the details such as Database name, username, and password. Otherwise, the installation process won’t begin.

Creating Username and Password for Website login credentials

You will need login credentials such as username, password as a common to login into your website running in the XAMPP server. So, choose the username and password easier to remember. Furthermore, enter email address too to recover the password if you forget by-chance,

Click on install WordPress and then you can log in into your WordPress website.

Website Homepage

In this way, you can install WordPress into the MAMP server into your windows. For instance, if you wish to run a website in the online hosting server for free: then follow this blog in which I have mentioned the best free web hosting sites available.

Similarly, if you wish to import/export all the contents that you ‘ve created in localhost to the online server, then I have also made a blog about it.Importing/Exporting database is so easy and you can do that in a matter of seconds.

Also, if your are interested here is the way to migrate your website from one host to another in just 10 minutes.How to migrate WordPress Site using All-In-One-Migration Plugin

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