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call of duty mobile

In the era of battle royale games, COD Mobile can initiate the next gaming sensation in the large mobile gaming community. This newly developed game is analogous to other battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, Freefire, and so on.COD Mobile is free-to-play, which is launched only in selected countries(India, Australia, etc.) at this movement and still in the beta test version.

You will notice this game brings forth weapons, characters, and maps from the previous Call of Duty series PCs version. It is available both in android and iOs version. However, only a limited number of user can access(download) this game. Currently, it’s not possible to download and install this game from the play store or app store. So, we need to download files of COD mobile from other sources and is completely safe and free to play.

Download Call Of Duty(COD) Mobile

As mentioned earlier, we ‘ve to download this game from other sources other than Playstore or Appstore. Hence, I ‘ve uploaded all the necessary files i.e., OBB+APK to Mega cloud drive which you need to download and install it.

Installing COD mobile

  1. Once you have downloaded the file, you need to unzip it since the data are compressed and are in .zip format. Download RAR in your mobile which extracts the compressed COD files smoothly and easily.RAR is available in play store and free to use.

2. Install the RAR and run it. Search the location in which you had downloaded the files. Select the zip file and click on extract icon. Extract to any location to want; it’s better to extract in less crowded files locations

3. As you may have known earlier, every game requires OBB+ APK files in the placed correct location and installed in the mobile to run. Thus, move the .obb file to Internal Storage/Android/obb and save it there. Same things comply in installing most of the games like GTA Vice City, San Andreas, etc. on your mobile.

4. The next step is to install the application file on your phone. Install the cod.apk file in your mobile and run it. Here comes the problematic part. COD mobile is available in selected countries like India, Australia. So, if your country is not included then, VPN is needed to run this game.

Express VPN and Hot Shield VPN are the best-paid VPN whereas you can still run this game using free VPN such as Hola VPN, Turbo VPN etc.Download the VPN and start the game.

5. Now you are ready to enjoy the game. Make sure file is in the correct location, VPN is on and connected to the correct server and then open the game.

call of duty mobile
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