How to get a neighbor’s Wifi password(Using Wifimap?

Wifi map

Note:- This is not a hacking tool and is completely free and safe to use.

Getting the neighbor’s WiFi password is the best thing since you could use their WiFi when power is off in your home and so on.

I have tried many apps to get the WiFi but most of the time the results were disappointing. Luckily, I found an app which you can use to get the neighbor’s WiFi password. It’s completely free and safe to use this application

Are you wondering is there any way to get your WiFi password without hacking and cracking? Have internet access in any urban area you go to?If are lucky enough then, you will get a neighbor WiFi password. Then, this is the right tool you were looking for. For instance, it’s completely free and safe to use this application. Without further due, I would like to introduce you to this app and how it works. The application that I am talking about is not other than WiFi MAP.So, What is WiFi map and How it works?

Introduction to WiFi Map

WiFi Map is the community of the members sharing WiFi password and making the internet accessible to every people out there. There are more than 120Millions WiFi networks in the world and most of the networks are protected by the WPA/WPA2PSK WiFi security. Most of the WiFi passwords are tremendously harder to crack. Thus, WiFi Map is the good stuff to obtain the WiFi password and make internet access on the go without hack and crack.

How does WiFi Map work?

The WiFi Map is downloaded over 40 Million times and currently has less than a million users active. Therefore, a kind of community of worldwide WiFi users is created via this application. Every time users share the WiFi password new WiFi network is added in its database. More than thousands of WiFi networks are added daily. Hence, if any WiFi near you is not added then don’t be sad, it might get added soon. The more you share this app with your friend’s more WiFi networks will be added. Who knows that same particular WiFi you were waiting for: gets added right after sharing this app?. Furthermore, If you share more WiFi network you can, you earn points and get higher into the leaderboard.

You can download this awesome application from the play store and is safely safe to use.

Install the application and will be asked to allow to use location services.Allow and you will get the interface like this.There are three menu in the bottom side of screen.


It shows the available WiFi networks around you.The home icon you see are all shared WiFi networks that were shared by community users and you shall share your own WiFi network if you want.If you allow the app to use location service, then it’s easier to browse the WiFi maps around you.


This menu consists of there subsection of ME, LEADERBOARD and Live. In the “Me” section, you can check your activities related to your added WiFi network. Similarly, the more you share WiFi password the more you earn coined and reach to the top in LEADERBOARD as I have mentioned earlier. Lastly, in the Live section, you can know the number of added WiFi, updates, connections, and users at the real-time WiFi map.


In the Download menu, you can download WiFi network databases once until it gets updated. Once the database around you is downloaded, you don’t need to be online to get WiFi passwords around you.

So, How to get a neighbor’s Wifi password?

Follow these step by step procedure to unlock the WiFi password of your wish:-

  1. Open this application and Allow it to use Location Services.

  2. As mentioned, tap into the Map menu on the bottom side of the main screen.

  3. Browse the Map and search for WiFis. All the icons of home designs are shared WiFi network,

  4. Make sure to connect the most reliable and faster WiFi around you. One of the best features that this app has is that the WiFi network around is sorted by distance and date. As a result, you get faster speed WiFi and the password may haven’t been changed.
Wifi map

  5. Tap into the most suitable WiFi and then click on the unlock password. After doing so, some pop -up short ads will be shown and you get the WiFi password that you were searching for.

Make sure to share this application so that more new WiFi networks will be added and people will get free internet connection on the go.

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