Google Adsense Approval: How to get Google Adsense approved in your website

google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best way to make a good amount of money through your website. It is a program launched by Google on June 18, 2003.Google Adsense serves ads on your websites that matches the content of your website. Google will pay when someone clicks on the ads which are displayed on your website. Initially, it was easier to get Google Adsense approved on your website. But, nowadays the number of websites has spiked resulting quite harder to get approved when Google specialists doesn’t find any unique and quality content on your website.In this article, we are gonna discuss on getting Google Adsense account approval as quickly as possible.

So, why to choose Google Adsense?

google Adsense

Well, Google Adsense is one of the best advertising programs. It doesn’t need the number of traffic you should have to get Google Adsense approval whatsoever. Secondly, you can get paid anywhere from its ads programs. That is, Google Adsense is linked with Western Union that can help you withdraw the money that you have earned with the ads program. Thus, you still can get paid without having credit/master card whereas other advertising programs require card info.

Also, it is incredibly easy to use. Google Adsense automatically displays ads from its huge advertising networks. Lastly, you can earn a great amount of money from it.

In this blog, I have broken down things that you should do to get Google Adsense account approved quicker in fewer attempts.

Have a well written unique Posts 

Have a well written posts

To get the Google Adsense account approved, your website should contain a minimum of 20 posts that are unique and original. Each post should contain at least 500-600 words which are highly engaging and free of grammatical error. If your website is new then try to create at least 20 blog posts and then apply for Google Adsense.

The chances of getting Google Adsense account approved is high when you have met these criteria. Similarly, the post you are writing should be original which shouldn’t match the content of another website. In that case, the specialists in Google office will assume that you have copied the content from other websites.Hence, this will cause the rejection of the application.Thus, you should try to create original content as much as possible. Although getting thousands of traffic to your website is not compulsory for getting Google Adsense approval. Well written posts will automatically drive in traffic to your website and increase earnings.

Buy Custom or Personal Domain Name

Domain name

If you have thought of getting Google Adsense approval for the website with free domain names then forget about it. Nowadays, most of the free domain names with an extension like .tk, .ml are blacklisted. These extensions are mainly used for bad purposes. Hence, the chances of getting approval with these domain names in zero.

Thus, it’s better to buy top-level domain names such as .com, .info from Godaddy and other sites at low costs. Similarly, you can register your domain names which start with your names.Furthermore, personal domain name ranks well enough on search results too.

Write Content According to your Niche

Niche is a term that is used to describe what your website mainly focuses on.

“For example- Techycore is a website that mainly focuses on Tech and gadgets. Its niche is a tech. Thus, it’s better to choose the domain name that is related to the niche of your website.”

Taking about the content on your website, the posts on your website should be according to your website’s niche and should be specific. If your website is about Tech and you start to write content about fashion, travel and show on, then Google will reject your application. Therefore, create quality content that matches the niche of your website.This helps Google to know what your website is about.

Create Contact Us,About us and Privacy Policy Page.

Google is very serious about the privacy of the users who visit on your website. If you fail to describe the privacy policy of your website, Google will decline the application. Also, many websites generate the privacy policy for your websites in just a matter of seconds which will not work in this case. That will be Scrapped Content which does not add any value to the website. Thus, create a privacy policy page on your own. 

How to create Privacy Policy Page?

At first, list out the plugins, cookies, and applications that you are using in your site. Get some idea what that application does and why they are used on your website.

For example -The plugin named WordPress Statistics collects the IP address, Country Name, and City of the users which provides statistical data of visitors on your website. Describe this thing in Privacy Policy Page and assure Google that it won’t harm the privacy of the users in any manner.

Here is the example of what Privacy Policy Page looks like. 

Pirvacy Policy Page

Similarly, create the Contact us page using Contact form plugin which is so easy. Lastly, describe what your website is about in About us Page.

Create Post Free of Grammatical Errors

At last, a human is going to review the content on your website. The post will grammatical errors is a good reason for Google to reject your Adsense Application form. This happens when English is not your primary language. I strongly suggest you use Grammarly extension which automatically detects the grammatical errors in your posts. Moreover, the premium version provides you a word-choice and plagiarism check feature. These features make sure that the content is original and does not match the content of another website.

Choose Adsense Friendly Themes

adsense friendly themes

Adsense friendly theme means those theme which is easily navigable, provides better user experience and creates an engaging environment on your website. There are many Adsense Friendly themes such as Magbook, SpiderMag, Newspaper, Divi, Newsportal, etc.

Similarly, try to create as many categories and pages as possible which makes the user easier to navigable the specific post on the website

Elaborate the Subject Content Briefly

Most of the new creator thinks that inserting images and describing little in the post will be enough for Google Adsense Approve but it’s not. The content should add value to your websites and Google Adsense programs. If the previous posts on your website have many images but little text then elaborate the text as much as you can.

Furthermore, it’s better to link the content to your website or external website. This will provide enough information about the subject topic and makes the user clear about it. This is a solely important tip for getting Google Adsense Approved. 

Have a Patience

Even I got my Goggle Adsense approved after the 7th attempt. You cannot just get Google Adsense approved for the very first time. It requires passion, dedication and the effort that you are putting in your work. Never lose hope and each time the application gets rejected try to figure out what your missing and correct it. Modify the content on your websites and try to provide the best user experience on your website.

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