How to migrate a WordPress website to a new domain/host

migrate a WordPress website to a new domain/host

Migrating database from one domain to another is an easy task if you know the correct way to do it. On the other hand, it’s a troublesome experience for beginners. There are many WP plugin out there that does its job. However, I found certain limitations in most of the plugins. For instance, I also faced difficulty in migrating the database. I tried every plugin for about 20+ hours and finally, one plugin did its job done in 5 minutes. Moreover, it’s quite difficult to migrate the database using CPanel.

So, let’s point out some of the best plugins and finalize which one is the best among them.

This plugin works great to back-up the database. With this plugin, you can backup your database in remote servers like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. Furthermore, it also transfers files and databases to multiple remote destinations. However, this plugin has one and maybe the worst limitation.

The limitation is that if you are willing to transfer the database of domain name to domain name, you can’t do so. This plugin only migrates the database of the same domain name. Thus, this plug-in lacks its job in this case. Yeah, it is possible to change Siteurl and Sitename in MySQL database but this is not quite the user-friendly experience for some users.

This plugin works great for those users whose web hosting data transmission rate is great. But for some users, this plugin is not a good choice to migrate the database. This plugin works quite nice in downloading database. However, in the time of uploading the database, this plugin is troublesome. This plugin has a long history in this case. Many users face a problem in which uploading database stuck in a middle way.

So, this plugin is not a  good choice for those whose hosting provider is slow. You may try this plugin if your Web Hosting data transmission rate is pretty high.

Thus,here is a plugin that saved my day.

WP Importer(Tools/Pugin)

This plugin did its job done in just a couple of minutes. Actually, this is a WordPress built-in tool that is available in Dashboard>Tools>Export/Import.

To export the database(theme,posts,photos,designs,),just click Export>Download Export File. With this just one click, your website all the content is ready to download.

migrate a WordPress website to a new domain/host

So, your database content(everything) is downloaded. Therefore, the next step is to install WordPress into the database of the new /old domain name. Just follow the same steps and this time Hover over to Tools> Import.

With these simple procedures, your website is now ready without facing 404 errors and problems mentioned above. For instance, this tool/plugin also works great to migrate your database from one hosting provider to another.

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