FIX” Installing Monitor Mode in Tplink WL722N Version 1 or 3

“FIX” Installing Monitor Mode in Tplink WL722N Version 1 or 3

For those who are scratching their head all day just wondering to install monitor mode in the Tplink WL722N wifi adapter, I have got a solution for you. I too got in the same situation searching for quick-fix, upgrading, and downgrading the numerous versions of Kali Linux. At first, I would like to say that about 90% of videos about installing monitor mode won’t work cause they are obsolete for any version of kali Linux you are using. Without further due, let’s get on our job to install it.

Install Kali Linux customized by zsecurity

Yes, you heard it right. Not even the single version other than kali linux customized by zsecurity will facilitate monitor mode for our Tplink WL722N wifi adapter. This is because the python version and driver which we are going to install won’t operate with each other. I tied installing 2020.4, 2019.1 and many other versions of kali linux , but my effort got in vain.  You can download the customized version by surfing into the page or just directly download it from below.

Installing kali Linux into your system

Kali linux as virtual box

At first, you need to choose whether you are installing it into your virtual box or as  live. For those, who are installing in a virtual box, just double-click the downloaded file and follow the procedure of installation. On top of that, installing kali Linux  in the virtual box is super easy.

Start the Kali Linux and begin the driver installation process​

After downloading and installing the Kali Linux, click the start kali Linux(In the virtual box window) and go to settings. In the USB section, add the wifi adapter which name will be Realtek 802.11 n NIC. 


 Start the Kali Linux, open the terminal, and start typing the command with me.

sudo su


 start kali as super root and then enter password which is ‘kali’ .

apt-get update

Update the kali linux but no need to upgrade it.

Now we start installing the driver for our wifi adapter.

sudo apt update

sudo apt install bc

sudo rmmod r8188eu.ko

git clone

cd rtl8188eus

sudo -i

echo “blacklist r8188eu” > “/etc/modprobe.d/realtek.conf”



sudo make install

sudo modprobe 8188eu

Check to see if adapter is properly installed in your system. You will see the detailed like below.


If you see like this, you are good to go.

Start Monitor Mode in TPLink WlN722N Wifi adapter

ifconfig wlan0 down

( or name of your interface. In my case, it’s wlan0)

airmon-ng check kill

(You can start the process by typing service NetworkManager restart)

iwconfig wlan0 mode monitor

airodump-ng wlan0

Congrats ! You have successfully installed monitor mode in your wifi adapter. Enjoy.

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