Elementor: Here are the reasons why Elementor is the page builder in WordPress

elementor vs visual composer

Elementor is the best live page builder that has active 2M+ installation in WordPress. With no surprise, what makes it one of the best page builder is that; It has the fastest, user-friendly, and powerful editor. Users having basic knowledge in designing and customizing the subject matter can present the content to the whole new level. It gives you full control over the layout that supports thousands of templates and widgets.

What is Elementor?

Elementor is simply the drag and drop page builder that helps you customize the content to the whole new level. You can build your website faster and easier using Elementor. It supports more than 50 languages and is available to 180 worldwide gaining more than 3000 five star ratings. It is a front end site builder without being worried about the back end development of your website.

 So, why to choose Elementor in WordPress?

Well, it provides you the number of features that saves your time and helps to present the contents in the best possible way. Some of these features are so helpful that you might have wished to know it earlier.

Features of Elementor:-

Sometimes, these features can be life as well as a time saver for you. So, I have listed the number of features that I found useful while building the Websites. You can use these features at any time.

Recover unsaved deleted texts and images

Suppose, you are writing the post containing more than 500 or 1000+ words, which you have created utilizing your whole day. When you are done writing the post and somehow it gets deleted. You have tried everything that is known to you to recover it back. What if Control + Z function of your computer doesn’t undo the deleted content?

Well, here comes the feature of Elementor which helps you to recover the lost contents. To recover the contents, hover over to the bottom left side of the Text Editor box. Then, you will see anti-clockwise turning arrow, click and then you will see live actions that you have done during creating content.

Recovering texts in elementor
Recover deleted texts and images

The thing is that Elementor saves all the contents that you were writing. Thus, using this feature you can recover the lost content in the live editing process.

 Widgets Library

Widgets are the built-in software or application which performs certain function. Likewise in WordPress, Widgets can make your job easier and faster. It provides new designs and structural framework of your website.

Widgets in Elementor

Elementor has massive widgets library in the free version as well as pro version. You can get about 30 widgets in the free version which is categorized into Basic Widgets and global widgets. These available widgets will be enough to do your task. You can insert the image using an image widget, insert headings, Maps, image Gallery and so on. All these widgets play prominent roles in creating content.

Typography and Text styles

Typography is the way of presenting the written texts into a more readable, decorating and eye-catching manner. Many of the WordPress users knowingly or unknowing completely miss this feature. Using typography in WordPress, you can transform the texts, decorate the texts, design the lines and space between the text.

Typographed Texts
Typographed texts

Some people like large texts having large space between words whereas someone likes small text compactly. You can design the text which is favorable to every reader. These things play into roles using typography in Elementor.

Similarly, you can align the text and change the color of texts as a decorative element of your posts.

Revise and Re-edit the Content

Elementor has no boundary in re-editing the contents. If you find any error in contents or add some elements for adding more value to the content, then, you can edit and revise the content anytime you want. Similarly, Elementor stores the contents that you have edited or deleted during the revision session which you can restore. The revision session is also stored in the history menu option of the Text Editor Dialog box.

Create Internal and External Link

Linking posts or websites plays an important role in improving the SEO of the post and websites. Using WordPress, you can link the contents by two different ways:-


It is the way of combining or interconnecting the pages or posts within your website. You can better present the content and provide more information about the subject matter by doing internal linking.


When you create a connection between one of the pages or posts of your website with another page or post of different websites, the link set up is called External Link. It is also categorized into two types:- Inbound link{Links coming to your website} and Outbound Link{Linking Going Out of Your Website}.

Page Links to plugin

Hence, for better SEO, it’s mandatory to link the contents. For instance, you can link the posts and pages in WordPress using the Link feature available in WordPress. However, you might require Page links To plugin.

If you wish to know what are plugins, then I have created a post describing plugins and most have plugins in WordPress.Find out More about plugin

Beautiful Templates and Pop-up builder

Templates are the form, shapes which act as a guide to create something. In WordPress, you can design Templates from Scratch and use available templates.

Why do we need Templates in WordPress?

Templates save time as well as money for creating any projects. It is also widely used in Ms-Word and other text Editing Softwares. Suppose, you want to insert images along with text, then you can insert Templates according to your preferred format, then modify the text and images of templates. Much easier Right?. Similarly, Templates provides a clue what your Website or Business is about.

Talking about pop-up builder, this features helps to setup pop-up in the website.However, this very impressive features is available only in Pro Plan of Elementor. Using this feature, you can build email subscription pop-ups, advertisement,Membership login and many more.

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