Hello, I am Prabesh Khanal residing currently in Kathmandu,Nepal. I love technology and I am quite geeky about it.The website”Techycore” is made public to share the knowledge about the Technology stuffs that I have learned so far.

I am believe that Technology is for everyone and everyone should be familiar about new Tech updates and how we can be benefited from it.I launched this website to gain some experience in learning and writing practise about Tech. I am currently learning  science and computer science aside in grade XI.When some cool stuffs about tech pops up in my head, I immediately proceed to write about it.Right now, I utilize my leasure time writing posts about Tech updates,Tips and trips and the topic that i am familiar about.In coming days, I would like to write long blogs about diverse subjects. 

I hope through my post everyone would get detail knowledge about what I am talking about.I like to describe the subject matters in the simplest way as possible and don’t want to engage users in dictionary for searching the meaning of word what I am talking about.

If you have any query about post that don’t get, then don’t hesitate to contact me via gmail or in the comment sections.

Prabesh khanal

Just a teenager who enjoy his day writing blogs and article.



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I am a tech lover and i really love talking about tech and share with other people.I am kind of person who loves people who are engage in technology field.

I really hope that you are enjoying our articles in this awesome page.If you want to give any kinds of suggestion to us the door is always open.Thank you